12 Most Popular Inspirational Videos

The inspirational videos below include being happy secrets, the inspiring Tribute to Soldiers and famous Old Age Poem, laughing more and enjoying life, and achieving your goals and dreams.

First, the top nine inspirational videos ever published on IntenseExperiences.com -- the world's most popular motivational articles website with hundreds of thousands of readers -- are presented in terms of popularity below.

Next, three of the most inspirational videos created by others are presented.

Inspiration is fuel for your soul -- for being happier, more productive, more successful, more YOU -- so watch these, bookmark this page, and enjoy!

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#1 Most Popular Inspirational Video:

Inspirational Video on The 9 Secrets of Being Happy

You know you can be happier. You really do deserve to be, too. So are you taking the nine most important steps on how to be happy described in this famous video?

(Click on the link above and a new window with the video will open.)

Inspirational Video About - and For - Mothers

Think about your own Mother, or a Mother you know whose love and dedication has been an inspiration. And then watch this powerful video containing the Poem for Mothers that has been shared around the world (share it with Mothers you know!):

Inspirational Video About Old Age

Someday you'll be "old" too. Perhaps you already categorize yourself as such. Or perhaps you have grandparents, parents, friends, mentors, or others who fall into this category. This unique and inspiring video should NOT be missed!

#4 Most Popular Inspirational Video:
For the Broken-Hearted and the Lonely, A Love Letter

If you are wondering if love really exists ... if you are broken-hearted or lonely ... watch this powerful and beautiful video by Brian Vaszily, the author of the #1 international bestselling motivational book, The 9 Intense Experiences.

The opening of the video begins with words by Brian Vaszily that have been reprinted in many motivational quotes anthologies:

"Here is what I have finally discovered about love:
It never leaves us. We only leave it." - Brian Vaszily

Some Really Good News That Will Change Your Life

Are you SICK of all the bad news the media presents? Well, in this video you will find some REALLY GOOD NEWS that can change your life!

#6 Most Popular Inspirational Video:
A Memorial to Those Who Died for Our Freedom

Do you value your freedom? Your right to speak your mind, to achieve your goals and pursue your dreams? You will want to watch this one ... and pass it on to friends and family, especially veterans and those serving in the military and their families:

Inspirational Video Thanking a Teacher from Long Ago

Do you recall any teachers who made a powerful difference in your life? Are you a teacher yourself, or know any? Even bigger question -- who are you grateful for in this world, in the present or distant past, who may not even know it?

Intense Experiences Founder & Author Brian Vaszily Interviewed on NBC Show about "Beyond Stone and Steel" and 9/11

9/11 was a very dark cloud. BUT there was a powerful silver lining. Brian Vaszily covers it in this brief but inspiring interview about his classic book.

#9 Most Popular Inspirational Video:
Inspirational Video - Brian Vaszily on Laughing More, Enjoying Life, and NOT Feeling Guilty

Are you REALLY experiencing enough happiness in your life? Whether you answered yes or no, you will want to see these inspiring clips from a motivational speech Brian Vaszily presented about his #1 bestseller:

Now below are three of the most inspirational videos ever, published by others:

#3) If You Have Never Failed ...

Here is another popular Motivational Quotes by Brian Vaszily for you:

Falling down is how we grow. Staying down is how we die." - Brian Vaszily

And with that in mind, watch this inspirational video:

#2) This is How Winners are Made

Have big goals? You will achieve your goals. Have big dreams? You will achieve your dreams. But there is only one way...

1) Simply AMAZING True Story Inspirational Video:

This is a true story from the 1992 Olympics. Impossible not to be inspired...

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