Inspirational Video -
The Old Age Poem

By Brian Vaszily, Author of the #1 International Bestseller, The 9 Intense Experiences -- named one of the Top 5 Most Motivational Books Ever.

I created this inspirational video after I created what has become known as the old age poem, but which is actually titled, "The Old Grey Chair."

Be sure to watch this particular inspirational video to the very end!

And if you care about anyone who has reached an "old age" ... if you are included in those classifications yourself ... if you also have a deep love for these beautiful souls in general ... or if you are inspired to do so by the time you finish watching this as I truly hope you will be ... please pass this inspirational video on to everyone you know!

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To say the video and old age poem below are "about" old age wouldn't quite be accurate, as there are as many dimensions to old age as at any age. That said, it IS about a crucial aspect of old age that we in this youth-dominated culture all too often overlook ... and that I believe is one of our greatest tragedies.

The rest is self-explanatory when you watch below. You may find it initially sad but ultimately inspiring when you watch to the very end.

I hope you appreciate and enjoy this inspirational video!

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