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Now is the Time to Finally Capture You or Your Loved One’s Life Story to Share with Family and Hand Down to Future Generations

Discover Why This Amazing
Life Story Book is Truly the Most Important & Meaningful
Gift You Could Ever Give

life story book

Do you want a permanent chronicle of the precious life story of your mother, father, grandparents, siblings, spouse, other family or friends … or your own life story? Then do not miss the #1 selling complete, easy, enjoyable and one-of-a-kind life story book!

Why This Popular Life Story Book?
(A Must-Read Section)

The amazing life story book you are about to encounter is #1 because it is easy, thorough, enjoyable and very economical … and it results in a permanent written or audio recording of you or your loved one’s life story that will be cherished by your family now and in future generations.

But first, as you likely already know: the older one is, the more important it is to capture their personal experiences, memories, history, lessons and beliefs to share with loved ones today and pass down to future generations.

Unfortunately, while chronicling a loved one’s life story, or your own, is one of the most important and noble intentions people have...

It far too often goes undone until one day it is too late.

(I can personally attest to this. I’d give nearly anything to have my father tell his story through this life story book today, for myself and to pass on to my son and grandchildren. He is no longer here, but I don’t want anyone else to ever go without this treasure that only becomes more valuable as time goes on. That was my personal motivation for putting so much time and effort into creating this powerful life story book.)

And so...

Right now is the most important time to give this amazing gift that will keep giving back in such powerful, meaningful ways.

Of course, people don’t procrastinate on capturing their loved ones’ life stories, or on recording their own, because they don’t understand the value of it.

You already know that the life you and your loved ones have lead – the childhood memories, loves and losses, building career and family, the history lived through such as life during wartime, the knowledge gained and advice worth giving – is the most meaningful gift anyone could possibly pass on to family, friends and future generations.

Instead, people deeply desire to chronicle the life story of a loved one like their parent, grandparent, sibling or spouse -- or their own life story -- but put off doing so because it can seem difficult and confusing.

How to do it? Where does one start? How to get motivated, and stay motivated, to get the most important stories and meaningful memories out?

The Secret Behind the Success
of This Life Story Book

Have you ever seen a really captivating interview with someone famous, or read a really riveting biography or autobiography?

The biggest secret by far in getting someone really motivated to share their life story – their most meaningful memories, their deepest thoughts and wishes – is to ask the right questions.

Asking a great question versus a merely decent one or less makes ALL the difference in the world in sparking the funniest, deepest, most touching and honest responses about all phases and aspects of someone’s life.

And whether it is your own life story you will be recording for all time, or that of your mother, father, grandparent, sibling, spouse or anyone you care about, don’t you want the most profound and meaningful experiences, history and thoughts to be shared with family versus “surfacy fluff”?

Indeed, asking the great questions keeps
people inspired and excited to really tell
their life story in the first place!

As the author of multiple successful books and many hundreds of articles in both print and online … as the founder and editor of one of the world’s most popular personal growth and awareness newsletters … as someone who has spent a lot of time on both sides of the media interview chair … I’ve spent decades honing my ability to ask people the great questions that get them motivated to share what really matters.

And that is what makes this
life story book so successful!

At its heart this is a life story book of all the most crucial and interesting questions that will get you or your loved one INSPIRED to recall the experiences, thoughts, wishes and memories from all phases of life that matter most to everyone it will be shared with!

(In fact, if you are getting this life story book for someone else, do not be surprised if you also find the questions irresistible to answer for yourself!)

For that reason, this guide is called:

The 400 Biggest Questions to
Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story

Yes, these are the most interesting and evocative questions covering all phases and aspects of life that anyone will find irresistible to answer.

BUT don’t let the large number of
powerful life questions it asks -- 400 -- throw you off.

The questions are grouped within categories (see below) and designed to make it VERY EASY for you or your loved one to choose only those that most call out to you to be answered.

Because of this, you or your loved one will enjoy answering the questions, but at the same time, no important and meaningful experiences and memories will be left out!

In addition to the great questions, you will find easy guidelines at the start of the life story book AND many useful tips peppered throughout it to make the experience of recording your life story even more enjoyable, meaningful … and a breeze!

You Wonder About All This.
Your Children, Grandchildren &
Their Children Will Want to Know, Too.
(Please Take Your Time in
Pondering This Section)

Please think for a moment of someone near and dear to your heart who has passed away. Perhaps a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, significant other, sibling, or good friend.

Like me, I am sure as time goes on you wish you knew more about them...

What their lives were like growing up. What their parents and grandparents were like. What their homes, neighborhoods, schools, churches and the other places they spent life in were like. The toys and games they loved the most. Who their best friends were. What they feared the most, and what their proudest accomplishments were.

What their lives were like while building a career and family. Their most difficult challenges and how they faced them. What they considered their greatest successes. Their innermost thoughts and wishes for their spouse, children and other family members. And what they did during and thought about wars or other historical events they lived through.

And perhaps most of all, what they’d most want to tell each and every person they care about. What they’d say the secrets to a happy marriage, a successful career, and a happy life are. What they’d say the highlights of their life were. And what they’d want to be remembered for most.

tell your story

This is precisely why recording your life story, or the life story of someone you will give The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story to, is of the utmost importance.

We cannot capture the personal stories, wishes and wisdom of those who have already passed away, of course. But you most certainly can capture the life stories of those who are here with you today.

And just as the older you get the more important and meaningful it gets for you to know more about the lives and perspectives of your parents, grandparents, siblings, and other loved ones … your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and their children and so on will increasingly long to know more, too.

Far more than any clothes, jewelry, food, gift certificates or even money you could give, your life story – or this guide for your loved one to capture their life story – is the greatest gift you can give.

How The 400 Questions Life Story Book
-Now Including an Essential 2nd BONUS Book-
Literally Makes It as Easy as 1-2-3

With The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story, you will actually now get TWO books for the price of one:

A) The original book, which includes the 400 most evocative questions, all conveniently categorized, to choose from. Plus the ultra easy guidelines and useful tips throughout the book to make both the experience of answering the questions and the finished recording most enjoyable and engaging.

B) And now with a new workbook at no extra cost, as well! This separate workbook version of the life story book makes it simple for anyone who chooses to write their answers out to make unlimited quantities of their life story for family and friends.

It contains only two to four questions per page, depending on the nature of the question, so you can record your answers right on the page.

With The 400 Biggest Questions, capturing your life story, or the life story of someone you care about, is as easy 1-2-3:

  1. Decide if you will be recording your answers via an audio recording device or in writing.
  2. Read the questions within each section. Then decide which questions most pertain and appeal to you that you want to answer.
  3. And via an audio recorder or in writing, answer each question and then move on to the next section!

IF you are giving the life story book as a gift to someone who is elderly and may have a hard time writing or using an audio recorder, you or other family and friends can of course be present and help guide them through this process. (This is a wonderful mood-lifting activity to share with them when you visit them!)

Captivating Questions
Arranged in Smart Sections for
Ease of Use and Ideal Story Flow

You already know that the unique and captivating questions will spark deep and touching responses from anyone going through this life story book.

You will also appreciate knowing that how the questions are arranged within each section, and how each section is arranged in relation to one another, has been carefully choreographed to maximize ease of use, motivation, and create the ideal life story flow.

The result?

You or your loved one will enjoy answering the questions and be inspired to keep going, and the resulting life story recording will be the most moving, engaging and important family legacy possible.

Below is a general look at how the questions are arranged:

Part I: The Formative Years

Foundational Information
Parents and Guardians
Other Family
Youthful Love
Friends from Youth
Homes and Neighborhoods
School Days
Religion and Spirituality

Part II: The Adult Years

Romantic Relationships
Previous Marriages
Family Life
Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren
Military Members and Family
Jobs and Careers
Health and Medical

Part III: Beliefs and Really Big Questions

Joy and Revelation
Hope and Vision

In addition, there are eight different “Essential Things, Fun Things” sections containing some of the most important, interesting and unique life story questions that cannot be categorized elsewhere, and that will lead to fascinating and heartwarming responses.

And Two More SURPRISING Benefits

Beyond the invaluable gift of having you or your loved one’s life experiences, history, beliefs and wishes to comfort, guide and inspire your family now and pass down to future generations, there are two more often unexpected major benefits with The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story:

  1. Answering the questions is a heartwarming, highly engaging and spirit-centering endeavor. This can be especially important if you will be giving this life story book to someone “getting up there in years” who may often feel lonely or who can use some sunshine in their lives.
  2. Answering the questions can both remind people of all the joys and gifts they have been blessed with, and it can realign people to what their true purpose is … it can refocus them on what matters most and make them happier. (For this reason, even if you are giving this as a gift to a loved one, you may want to go through the questions for yourself!)

The Limited-Time Opportunity on This
Most Important and Treasured
Family Heirloom

Your wonderful intention to record your life story -- or that of your mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, spouse, good friend or anyone you care about – is as important as it gets. And coming from someone who wishes dearly he could have his father’s life story, please believe me when I say that right now is the best time.

You already know how meaningful it will be to your family today and in future generations.

You already know this life story book is the #1 seller because of its ease of use, and especially because of the inspiring and carefully-crafted questions it asks.

Finally, you already know that this will be an uplifting and centering experience for you or whoever goes through this life story book.

With all of that in mind, in a sense The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story is priceless. That of course might get you to thinking, however, that it is going to cost you a lot. Certainly more than a run-of-the-mill book.

But that’s not the case at all.

While I have worked hard to create the perfect guide to capturing anyone’s life story (including refining, and refining again, the questions with those who have gone through previous versions of this book), I want everyone to be able to afford a copy of this because of how important it is.

And so I am offering it to you for just $29.97!

Buy Now

Remember, you’ll actually get two books for the price of one that you can download and print out instantly so you won’t have to wait (and so you don’t have to pay any shipping and handling):

The complete 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story which includes all the questions and guidelines and tips, AND the workbook version which makes it easy to make multiple copies for families and friends.

I guarantee that after you or your loved one answers even a handful of these questions, you will agree this is the most important and meaningful family heirloom there can possibly be.

In fact I am so certain you will agree that The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone’s Life Story comes with a full money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, send it back for a full no-questions-asked refund.


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IMPORTANT: "Why EBooks versus paper books?" some people ask. The key reason is that you can download the workbook, choose the questions you want to answer and answer them right on the pages you print out, and then easily make many copies that way for family and friends. You CAN'T do this with a paper book!

Also, the eBook versions keep the price considerably lower than two paper books!