How to Enjoy Life More

To enjoy life more...

First, make sure you are positioned to laugh frequently.

Laughter is as intense and nourishing as experiences get. It reduces stress, builds your immune system, improves relationships, feels incredible and improves the way the world looks.

The key is to make sure you keep yourself open to an abundance of funny stuff to keep you laughing. Everyone claims to like to laugh, but it’s astounding how many people intentionally or unintentionally block most laughter opportunities from their lives. They’re too busy, too important, too tired, too serious, to blah blah blah ... and they close the door on laughter.

Be sure to keep it wide open. Funny stories, funny pictures and funny videos like those you’ll always find included in the free personal growth newsletter. Funny movies, funny friends, comedy shows … whatever makes you laugh, keep yourself wide open to it.

Second, to enjoy life more always remember to recognize and appreciate the little things.

There was an old toilet paper TV commercial whose jingle went, “Because little things mean a lot.” I don’t often quote toilet paper commercials, but I do agree with this one. And because the jingle was catchy, that saying always stuck in my head. Try to find a way to keep yourself reminded of the great importance of little things.

In the end the little things – a woman’s smile, a budding tree, that song on the radio, delightfully soft toilet paper – impact your life just as much if not more than the big things. That’s because there are so many more of them. And the beauty is, there’s an endless supply of these wonderful little things … if you know how and where to look (and at, we’re committed to showing you.)

Third, to enjoy life more, experience more.

Delving into new adventures – from transformative books and music to spiritual experiences, travel experiences, you name it – keeps life amazing. It nurtures wisdom while keeping you young at heart … a gorgeous combination.

And just as with the little things, the world affords you an endless supply of these new experiences … again most people get so caught up in routine they forget how to see them, or they fool themselves into believing they have no time for them. Anxiety, dissatisfaction, depression sneaks up on these people. New experiences are as essential to your life as water. Our job here at is to keep reminding you of that and offering you new ones.

The final key to enjoy life more? Love deeper.

Romantic love, parental love, familial love, friendship, universal love, love of God … no matter what brands of love you give or seek to give, give and seek to give with greater intensity. You’ll find plenty of ways to do that in the newsletter. And you’ll discover (if you haven’t already) that this intense giving, this loving deeper, is not merely another way to enjoy life more … it is joy itself.

- Brian Vaszily