You are your own best friend.

by Margaret
(South Africa)

When you realise that everyone is struggling with something or someone then you are well on the way to emotional freedom.
Noone is better or worse than anyone else and we all have our paths to tread in life. We can tread our paths with joy in our hearts for what we do have or with frustration at what we dont. If we choose the former we will enjoy and feel far more fulfillment in the everyday and discover that the smallest thing can bring happiness and a sense of purpose.
I myself have struggled for many years with a sense of being off purpose and only lately have realised that to accept and be grateful for all that I am and will become is enough. Nothing is better than living for the day and taking conscious actions each and every day in baby steps that will ensure that my tomorrows will pan out as I dream.
In fact I would go further and say that all your dreams are possible with the right mindset and the actions each and every day focussed on the bigger picture that you have in your minds eye. The secret is to never let go of that bigger picture. It will always work out if you keep that goal in mind and always desire the best for all concerned.
A happy 2011 to everyone and may all your dreams become your reality.

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