Toys for Adults

Five Top Toys for Adults
(And Why, If You Are Dedicated to Improving Your
Physical and Emotional Health and Aligning with Your Spiritual Self,
You Need to Play Much More!)

Toys for adults?

Some adult's minds go in certain, well, very personal directions that are not at all the focus of this piece on toys for adults. In fact, some people who did an Internet search for "toys for adults" and landed on this page may be disappointed to discover I am not referring to the "toys" you are seeking. (If that is you, you will still greatly appreciate a subscription to the free newsletter! After you subscribe, though, head back to the search engine to resume your interesting quest.)

The toys for adults I am referring to are like the ones you played with as a child, and in fact kids love these toys as well. But these are toys for adults that you will STILL enjoy playing with. such as these five exceptional newer toys for adults below.

Now please slow down a moment! Consider that statement: "... toys for adults that you will still enjoy playing with."

Compared with working, with running some errands, with exercising, or with meditating or praying, does playing feel less important and less productive to you? Does it feel like it should have a lower priority level than these other pursuits in your life?

For most adults, the answer is unfortunately yes. Well I am going to serve this to you straight: In our go-go, faster-faster culture where everyone's favorite mantra is that they "Don't have enough time!' -- as if God, the Universe, or whatever you phrase It decided to cheat you of this resource called time versus giving you exactly the amount of time you need (it's what you do with it!) -- so many people's perceptions and therefore their priorities are rather screwed up.

Playing is dancing with life. Playing is happiness fuel -- as much for adults as for children. It is not secondary to your work; in fact, it will make you far more focused, creative, energetic and otherwise productive in your work!

Playing with the best toys for adults specifically is a powerful and enjoyable way to quickly break through those negative emotional barriers inside you like stress, fear, guilt, worry, and loneliness and restore peak energy, focus, wonder and creativity. (It is also a scientifically proven way to do so: read the exceptional book, Play: How it Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soulby Stuart Brown, M.D.)

If you are an adult seeking greater physical, mental and emotional health ...

If you are an adult seeking deeper access to and alignment with your spiritual self ...

Then you may be used to exploring articles, books and more on eating healthy, exercising, meditating, praying, and the like, and taking action in those areas. BUT it is time to also understand and live the final and most important frontier of whole health, of holistic living, of which active and guilt-free play is one key part! (If you are into true holistic health, you don't want to miss a free subscription to the newsletter, as that's what it is all about!)

So with all of that understood, it is time to prepare to play! In additoin to classic toys like Play Doh, Tinkertoys and Lite Brite, below are five fabulous newer toys for adults I highly recommend!

Have fun ... it is crucial!

1) Book of Artrageous Projects
This book, a collaboration between Klutz publishing and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York that has received rave reviews, provides all the tools you need for many different art projects. If you want to get your creative brain really flowing, this is a must!

2) Zometool - Crazy Bubbles
All Zome Toys are all brilliant fun, but how can I resist recommending this one that allows you to make bubbles in unusual shapes such as squares, spirals and bananas?

3) Frigits
Position the magnetic rails, buttons, chutes and Ferris wheel any way you want on your refrigerator, and then release the marbles into your creation. A must for both creative and scientific types of all ages!

4) EyeClops Bionic Eye
You will see the world in a whole new way with this amazing “toy” that plugs into any TV and magnifies anything it is pointed at 200 times, such as your skin, bugs, food or your dog’s hair.

5) Poi
Poi started as a traditional performance art of the Maori people of New Zealand. It is performed using balls suspended on a cord that are held in the hands and swung in circular patterns. While it is still performed as performance art, various types of poi have caught on worldwide as a fun hobby that also happens to be a great workout. Try it! Also watch the How to Spin Poi with Tonya Kay DVD if you want to learn all about poi.Finally, get a poi set that lights up in the dark if you really want to impress yourself in the dark in front of a mirror!


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