The Success Manifesto

by Brian Vaszily,
Author of The Life Story Book, Founder of

Life is how I am.

If I keep struggling to get more, my life will be a struggle filled with lack.
I have all I need, I am grateful, and anything more is just more of a gift.

If I hold anger in, anger will increasingly weigh my life down.
I accept that anger happens, but I always release it and so I fly.

If I keep telling myself I am a survivor, I will then merely survive.
I am born to thrive in my life, and so in all I do I accept that I will thrive.

If I let guilt control me, I will never live the happy life that is mine.
I consider what matters carefully, then act upon only one voice: my own.

If I keep repeating that there is never enough time, time will always run out.
I have been given all the time I need in life; it is up to me to use it wisely.

If I worry about what might go wrong in my life, the worry itself will shrivel me.
I am honest, able and complete; with that I meet the challenges that do come.

If I see certain steps I take as failing, I will hesitate to move forward.
All movement is forward movement in my life, and so I keep moving.

If I give in to my fears, my life will be a fearful place.
I move through fears that would block me from me, and so I live free.

If I keep longing for luck, my life will seem unlucky to me.
I am here, I can choose to do, and that is all the luck I need.

Life is not something that happens to me.

Life is how I am.

And so shall it be.

By Brian Vaszily, Bestselling Author, Professional Speaker & Editor of the
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