Brief Thoughts on Big Things:
On What You Have Been Given That is Most Precious: Energy

By Brian Vaszily, Founder of

Forget money. Forget time. What you are given that is far more precious is energy. And in any given day, week, month, year and lifetime, you only have a limited amount of energy to spend. So how are you going to spend it? How are you spending it today? Are you overspending your energy for things of little or no worth, like worrying, complaining, envying, proving you are right, hating, revenge … or watching TV? Are you investing your energy wisely in things that really matter, like your loves, passions, and your life’s purpose?

To thrive in life, view your energy as a ball, and determine how much of that ball you are going to give to the things you are and do. By giving maximum energy to the things that really matter, you will be happiest, which also assures you are provided the maximum amount of precious energy back.