LOVE - "All You Need is Love.

by Nancy Arruda
(Keswick, Ontario, Canada)

As the Beatles once sang, "All You Need Is Love"! An expression of Purity, a sensation of Oneness and Wholeness. When one taps into the vibrations of Love at a heart level, there is nothing that can hold you back from experiencing life at it's fullest. Typically we look to others for Love, but how many people look to themselves for Love? It is there within the centre of your BEing, always. In moments when love is the furthest thing from your mind, that should be your awareness key for activating it within your heart. In those moments that one does not enjoy what they are experiencing, if they could just detach their EGO from the experience and breath the purity of Love into their hearts, they will find that the experience is no longer intolerable. When thinking of someone that you do not care to interact with, think of them in the Light of Love and you will see they too are a being of light, they too are created from LOVE. When you bring Love into your life, through the inside out, then all you can experience is the Power of Love therefore, the ONLY ingredient you NEED is LOVE! Love should feel open, airy, enlightening, and FREE, allowing you to tap into an unbeatable vibration of purity.
Think of what you Love right now, something that you already know you Love, focus your consciousness upon your chest (where your heart resides), and with your breath, breath deeply into your lungs while holding your vision of Love in your mind, as if it is the air you are breathing in is fueled with your vision of Love. Feel your heart float freely in your chest, there is NO constriction, but only an open, airy feeling of wholeness within your heart. That my friend is the feeling of LOVE! The Feeling of Love in itself is motivational!

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