Truly Want to Change Your Life for the Better?

An Important Message from Brian Vaszily,
Creator of the #1 Bestseller, The 9 Intense Experiences

Maybe you are tempted to race through this page as we’re tempted to do in so much of life.

BUT ... you really are here for a reason, so for your own great benefit (as you will see), please take the time to at least read this important letter.

For starters, and without over-thinking it, answer this question:

What is one of your BIGGEST goals?

Maybe your goal has to do with escalating yourself in your career … or overcoming a serious health issue … boosting your wealth … losing 50 pounds … finding true love … achieving success and independence with your art, hobby or other passion … retiring in comfort … or connecting on a far deeper level with your spouse or someone you love.

With whatever goal that came to your mind, now answer these three questions:

  1. Do you believe that since you can think it, since you can see and feel this goal, you have the ability to achieve it?

  2. For this goal (or any of your biggest goals for that matter) does it often feel like “stuff” is in the way of you achieving it … lack of energy or time, self-doubt, stress, fear, or too many mundane to-do’s, for example?

  3. Do you believe that life is not just a bunch of random and meaningless occurrences but that there is a greater “fabric of meaning” and that things really do happen for a reason?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are definitely in the right place.

It is also likely you are the type of person who has somewhat strong to very strong intuition … someone who – even if you are also of an analytic nature – tries to listen to and respect their “gut feelings.”

Therefore it will make sense to you that there is a purpose behind you making it this far for The 9 Intense Experiences. You didn’t just randomly stumble here for no reason.

Your intuition leads you where you need to go, and it led you here for reasons that have everything to do with finally achieving the big goals and greater happiness that are already inside you, waiting to come to fruition.


Of course, even though you may already know this at a gut level, a few may still feel apprehensive at a purely emotional/ego level.

Though they won’t think twice about spending more money on a single nice meal out for two or a pair of jeans or two, some people are resistant to invest in what their intuition knows will permanently improve their lives because their emotions and ego still block that awareness … and their emotions and ego are defensive like that because they have been catered to – but then deceived -- in the past.

Have you had your emotions and ego appealed to, only to be ultimately deceived?

We all have.

Now, it is true that most people who have “burned” as such learn to recognize the vast difference between their gut feelings and having their emotions/ego catered to, and they become better at listening to their intuition.

But it is understandable that a few go the other way, closing off everything – including listening to their gut – in reaction to being deceived.

With the number of fad diets to get-rich-quick schemes to all-fluff-and-no-substance “self-improvement” programs out there trying to lure people in on an emotional/ego level, it can seem like the best defense is total resistance to anything.

Of course it only takes common sense to recognize how such cynicism stops such people from experiencing what really WILL improve their lives and make them happier, such as The 9 Intense Experiences.

And so…


For those who are already well in touch with their intuition and who know they’ve made it this far because The 9 Intense Experiences must hold something of great value to them, this request will be easy.

But for those who may fall into that more apprehensive or “cynical” camp, this request may take some more effort:

Please do your best to clear through your emotions – both negative and positive – and instead try to completely “listen to your gut” regarding The 9 Intense Experiences. Why do you think you’ve found it?

Follow your intuition about trying The 9 Intense Experiences, including the promise inherent throughout this entire site about it that I will put into words for you right now:

As those who have read my books and columns or seen me in media interviews will attest, I am known for my integrity and honor. Being forthright, kind and true to my word mean everything to me.

I believe in the idea of “karma.” I have seen my Mother was right when she always said, “What goes around comes around.” And so when I make a promise I mean it … deeply.

With that in mind, I promise you that when you have done even just a few of The 9 Intense Experiences you WILL experience amazing self-insights that can lead to greater inner peace, energy, focus, understanding, confidence and many other profound benefits.

To cite a word other “Intense Experiencers” have used, it is actually “inevitable” that you will experience self-enlightenment and greater success at your biggest goals and whatever you desire with The 9 Intense Experiences because of how it was created and structured. (It is also inevitable you will enjoy doing it!)

So there IS a reason you’ve come this far.

Order The 9 Intense Experiences audio program, delve into the captivating, enjoyable and transformative actions you will find, and discover the reason.

Does that sound fair? Does that feel right?

In addition to your own intuition, you’ve got two things GUARANTEEING that it will help you achieve greater happiness and the success you desire:

1) The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on the audio program or -- no questions asked and no hassle -- your money back.

2) My word, my promise, which means everything to me.

Enjoy The 9 Intense Experiences and all the amazing benefits it will bring you … and please do write to me when you have started experiencing it to share your “A Ha!” moments, your transformations, and whatever else you want to share! I receive a lot of such mail from those who have gone through The 9 Intense Experiences, and I read and deeply appreciate all of it.


Brian Vaszily

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