What are Each of
The 9 Intense Experiences
That Will
Change Your Life?

The 9 Intense Experiences That Will Change Your Life audio program is comprised of 10 MP3s or CDs.

The first is an inspiring Introduction, and the next nine are each of the actual nine intense experiences.

Each experience begins with some powerful and important insights from Brian Vaszily, followed by anywhere from eight to twelve interesting, enjoyable, easy-to-do and highly transformative “actions” per experience.

These actions don’t require much time on your part, but they are truly intense in the benefits they will provide back to you!

Below, experience by experience, is just a small taste of what you will discover in this amazing program:

Life-Changing Experience 1:
Journey Back to Neverland

Considerably more than most of the other experiences, the actions you will take in this fun and transformative Journey Back to Neverland will have you delving into movies, music, classic toys and games and more related to this wonder-ful experience.

This experience is exceptional for clearing those cobwebs that form over adults’ heads, hearts and spirits … cobwebs that leave them feeling out of touch with who they really are, and unfulfilled, restless, and even jaded.

This “clearing” is so necessary and that is why Brian Vaszily recommends you do this experience first!

These 10 engaging, enjoyable, easy (and for a couple, “silly” but effective!) actions will:

  • Spark your imagination and permanently open doors to your deeper creativity… starting with a rather zany but effective action of revisiting your child-mind in your own fort!

  • Clear through those old cobwebs that accrue over so many adults’ minds, hearts and spirits by defeating angry fruit and other actions

  • Open your eyes even wider to the beauty and potential inside you, and to the world around you

  • Rekindle those feelings of wonder, joy and boundlessness that you experienced as a child

  • And much more!

  • Life-Changing Experience 2:
    Dive Deeper Into Your Blood

    Through the 11 actions in this experience, you will be amazed at what you discover about yourself, and the positive changes it inevitably leads to in your life.

    Think you really “know thyself” ... and thy close family and friends? By “diving deeper into your blood,” which means your family, friends and especially your SELF through these captivating actions, you will:

  • Discover and FREE yourself from chains you probably didn’t even know were holding how down in amazing actions like the “Family Script” and the “Get It All Out” meals

  • Learn why you are not experiencing the success you KNOW you should be in your career, finances, relationships or other key areas of your life

  • Feel a much deeper sense of connection, belonging and purpose in your world … and experience an ongoing sense of legacy and timelessness with the Time Capsule action and more

  • Eliminate feelings of loneliness, isolation, and emptiness and (re)discover Who You Really Are

  • And much more!

  • Life-Changing Experience 3:
    Wander Into the Forest
    (But Don’t Bump Into the Trees)

    If you are a nature buff, you will definitely benefit from this experience. If you are NOT a nature buff, you will definitely benefit from this experience even more.

    Through the seemingly normal to the rather “unusual” and very interesting actions in this experience – as well as the must-hear introduction by Brian Vaszily that starts this audio file — this very powerful experience will enable you to:

  • Banish stress and worry for good through simple, enjoyable (and sometimes intentionally barefoot) steps

  • Finally discover clarity and real answers to those important questions and issues that may be weighing you down by becoming deeply acquainted with your “animal spirit” and other actions

  • IMMEDIATELY center yourself whenever you need to in various ways including the ingenious “talking to trees” action created by ancient Native Americans

  • PLUS you’ll achieve your biggest goals by learning how to let the nature right outside your door … no matter where you live … show you the way.

  • And much, much more!

  • Life-Changing Experience 4:
    Surround Yourself with Wise Owls

    Cultures throughout the world and throughout history have found deep inner-peace, profound success, and long-term happiness – not to mention an EXTENDED LIFE – with what you’ll discover here.

    Though unfortunately much of this has been lost in contemporary times, YOU will find yourself much more deeply fulfilled through these 9 fun and engaging actions. Among many other benefits, the actions in this experience will:

  • Achieve the success you know you are capable of, and find and stay true to your purpose, by confronting yourself years down the line in this riveting action

  • Dissolve barriers that are stopping you from experiencing far greater satisfaction in your most important relationships

  • Live a life where you will have NO REGRETS whatsoever by doing the revelatory things you’ll find in this experience

  • Discover how to feel deeply fulfilled and always stay true to your “core” by answering AND experiencing THE 5 BIGGEST QUESTIONS here

  • And much more!

  • Life-Changing Experience 5:
    Go On a Spiritual Quest. Pack Lightly

    Most adults feel angst, anxiety, sadness and/or restlessness in their lives that simply should not be there. Here is perhaps THE key reason why they feel it: they compartmentalize spirituality as if it is something to address at a specific time when they can get to it.

    But spirituality is not something you “get to,” it is the essence of who you already ARE. By taking these interesting to profound actions to reveal and nurture it, it will rapidly lead you to the greatness that really IS inside you (and you KNOW it is!)

    Indeed, many “Intense Experiencers” have said that this experience alone is worth the cost of this program many times over … that delving into the 9 captivating actions here exposed them to beautiful self-insights and powerful self-revelations that literally changed their lives for the FAR better. You will discover:

  • How this memorable & unusual vow that you will take for ONE DAY will help you achieve greater patience, understanding and inner-peace

  • Why using your creativity to develop a single symbol will provide you a deeper sense of – and commitment to – your life mission(s), and to achieving your biggest goals

  • How to turn the “mundane” tasks in your life into little epiphanies that provide you greater clarity … and renewed energy!

  • A profound feeling of ongoing “wholeness” and calm
  • And much, more more!

  • Life-Changing Experience 6:
    Reveal Yourself to a Dozen Strangers

    What Mom said about not talking to strangers was wrong. Okay, it was good cautious advice when you were little.

    But in this experience – which Brian Vaszily says is often the most surprisingly transformative for most people — you will discover why as an adult you should definitely interact with strangers.

    Here is a BIG CLUE as to why immersing yourself in the actions in this “Strangers” experience can quickly and permanently improve your life by leaps and bounds: anyone and everyone you know and love now who has positively impacted your life in some way was once a what? A stranger, of course. Your spouse / significant other, your friends, even in a sense your parents, siblings and children were all once strangers, and now they are among what matters most in your world. Why shut such an important valve off? You will:

  • Discover why “strangers” aren’t only people, and how delving into these captivating and fun things that are strangers to you will break through the “rust and crust” & supercharge your energy and motivation

  • Learn the EASY online matchmaking way to accelerate your personal growth … and add interesting fun to your life. (And no, it is NOT the way you think!)

  • Forever banish feelings of “not belonging,” of loneliness and isolation, even if you consider yourself shy

  • Powerfully expand your capability and opportunity to achieve success in finances, career, love and other relationships via these 7 types of strangers

  • And much, much more.

  • Life-Changing Experience 7:
    Swaddle Yourself in Beautiful Genius

    As with Experience 1 above, you will be delving into more music, films, reading, and other media related to this mind- and life-altering experience than with the other experiences.

    But you will also be eating, drinking and even DRESSING your way to incredible change … and you will be traveling to other times and places (you’ll see how it’s possible) ... and you will discover that you really are a genius (even if you don’t believe that now one bit.)

    The 11 actions in this amazing experience will:

  • Ignite and significantly expand your creativity, focus and even your memory
  • Supercharge your energy and provide YOU that “mysterious” ongoing

  • motivation that those who truly achieve their dreams have … while you ENJOY the ride with Bob Marley to Van Gogh to Shakespeare to Ella Fitzgerald.

  • Help you become your best friend instead of your worst enemy once and for all, and really get what matters done through the “Greatest Accomplishments” action and others

  • Rekindle excitement in your life and BANISH MEDIOCRITY forever (Johnny Cash, Salvador Dali, Carol King, Edgar Allen Poe and Beethoven will help see to it!)

  • And much, much more!

  • Life-Changing Experience 8:
    Give Till It Tickles

    “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else,” said Booker T. Washington. As you will discover with Brian Vaszily’s engaging guidance and the unique and enjoyable actions in this experience, Booker T. Washington’s quote is an understatement!

    Many “Intense Experiencers” are quite surprised to find that the actions in this Give Till It Tickles experience are among THE most enjoyable of this entire audio program. And lift you way, way up they will … you will discover:

  • How doing these certain somethings that no one can EVER know about may be the #1 most important step you ever take to feeling deeply self-fulfilled

  • Why 3 important questions – whose answers you will toss into a “psychic baggage bonfire” while enjoying your favorite beverage – will free you from fears, worries and a past that you might not even know is dragging you down

  • How to have fun even more fun going shopping … and improve lives, including your own, in the process

  • The one surefire way to make every single day of your life happier – in most cases, far happier

  • And much, much more!

  • Life-Changing Experience 9:
    Embrace Death, Dance the Night Away

    In modern society, people run and hide from the fact of death … but as you will discover in Brian Vaszily’s moving introduction to this experience, that ironically causes people to live far less rich and rewarding lives than they should be.

    Without “embracing death and dancing the night away,” people end up merely existing – feeling angst, restlessness, unfulfilled and lamenting what they “should” be doing and “should” have done.

    But not any longer.

    By embracing this experience (which many say is the most profound of all the experiences, but which should be experienced last for maximum benefit), you will:

  • Experience events you may currently fear but that, through the benefit of the other experiences and Brian’s guidance, will place you firmly on the path to achieving whatever you desire most

  • Place a “Phone Call to a Dead Relative” ... and perhaps have it change your life as it did with Brian, or at least have it help heal emotional wounds and experience greater inner-peace

  • Truly DO the things you are meant to do, and things you have always wanted to do, while finally recognizing and banishing the hidden barriers that have been stopping you

  • Feel younger in spirit and way more energetic, and feel far greater joy and satisfaction than you do today … GUARANTEED

  • And much, much more!

  • The 9 Intense Experiences audio program – recommended by leading physicians, therapists, personal growth experts and more -- is guaranteed to improve your life, rapidly and over the long-term, so that the rest of your life is the best of your life. So ...

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